What is Simple Student Eats?

In short, this is a food blog for students to make eating healthy not suck.

Why did I start this?

As a university student, I watch so many of my friends fill themselves up on a typical “student diet” – think: pasta, frozen pizza, and peanut butter sandwiches. As a fellow student, I totally get why. Eating healthy seems hard and intimidating, especially with all of the fancy-pants recipes and ingredients you can’t pronounce.

As a Fitness Instructor, this “student diet” scares me. Eating healthy gives you energy and helps you think clearly, unlike most highly-processed or sugar-filled foods (bye-bye brain fog and sugar crashes!) I want you to be filling up on nutritious foods so you can not only do your best in school, but also feel your best every day.

As someone who has been forced to eat healthy to manage my IBS, I can help. Over the past 5 years, I have developed many tips & tricks, simplified recipes to make them quick, and learned how to make healthy food not suck.

What Can You Expect?

On Simple Student Eats, you’ll find exactly that: simple recipes made for students. I won’t make you spend tons of money or time searing for obscure superfoods like jicama, kamut, or spirulina – there’s no way I could find those at the one grocery store I shop at (shoutout to the Kingston Metro; you the realest). I won’t make you wash 100 dishes – after all, you’re probably cooking for one person (unless you’re one of those really awesome housemates that cooks for everyone).

All of the recipes I share are things I actually make in my student-kitchen on an average weekday, and you can too. Don’t expect pictures coming from a high-end, food blogger kitchen because that’s not realistic for either of us! To receive a #SSEapproved stamp, the recipe or tip must be:


There will be no fancy-pants terms like “measure a scant cup” or “sift lightly”. I will give simple ingredients, clear explanations, and easy recipes… by a student, for students.


Since we’re both students, I know you’re busy. I am going to show you you how to make healthy meals quickly; it doesn’t have to be an hour-long, kitchen chaos production.


The biggest promise yet…

My hope for you is that cooking/baking healthy foods becomes something you enjoy; not another chore!

Alright, that’s enough chit-chatting; let’s get cooking!

Latest Eats

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    Hi friends, or should I call you “chefs”…? Even if you don’t feel like a chef yet, you will soon be cooking up a (healthy) storm. I know that making healthy meals easy, quick, & fun is a BIG promise, and I will do my best to deliver. You see, my journey into healthy eating started at least 5 years ago when I first started …